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Wellness Exams
for Dogs and Cats

Regular wellness exams for dogs or cats not only help with disease prevention and the treatment of illness, they lead to more personalized care for your beloved pet.

Wellness Exams for Dogs and Cats | Pet Wellness & Veterinary Clinic in Yuma | Palo Verde Pet Clinic

At Palo Verde Pet Clinic, we strongly believe that prevention is the best medicine!

That’s why we recommend annual wellness visits, and semi-annual visits as your pet ages or acquires medical conditions. If you’re interested in more personalized care for your pet, contact Palo Verde Pet Clinic today!

pet wellness check - Palo Verde Pet Clinic - Veterinary Clinic in Yuma, AZ

What is a wellness exam for pets?

A wellness exam is a general health assessment and may include routine blood tests, parasite screening, vaccinations and consultation on behavior, diet and exercise.

My pet is not sick. Why should bring them in for an exam?

When you bring your pet in for a wellness exam at Palo Verde Pet Clinic, we have time to focus on the health of your pet as a whole, examining all 12 body systems, and making preventive recommendations that can keep your pet stay healthier for longer.

Why are wellness exams important for dogs and cats?

Wellness exams give your veterinarian a chance to evaluate the overall health of your pet and provide a baseline for their own unique body functions and tendencies.

Wellness exams also help us detect potential problems before they become serious, and even make your pet more familiar with our clinic, making future visits easier for everyone!

Palo Verde Pet Clinic - Veterinary Clinic in Yuma, AZ

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Pet Wellness Exam FAQ

A wellness examination is not an excuse for us to charge you for an exam every year, or subject your pet to complicated medical tests and costly treatments just because they are available.

Rather, wellness exams allow us to offer preventive measures to impede the development of major illness, protect against disease or injury. Plus, the opportunity to analyze and record baseline values such as temperature, body condition, and lab work for internal body systems.

If we can measure these values when your pet is healthy, we can better detect problems later in life and offer significantly better advice in the event of illness or emergency.

During the 12 body system exam at Palo Verde Pet Clinic, our veterinarians will inspect your pet from nose to tail. This includes all 12 body systems visually, by touch, by listening and by close observation to your pet’s body responses. Though you may be unaware, the slight movements or signs your pet makes during this exam can alert our doctors to potential problems; or assure them all is well.

This exam includes the following 12 body systems:

  1. Integumentary – Skin
  2. Ocular System – Eyes
  3. Digestive System – Esophagus, Stomach, Small Bowel and Large Bowel
  4. Olfactory System – Nose, Smell
  5. Musculoskeletal – Muscles, Bones and Joints
  6. Neurological System – Brain, Balance and Nerves
  7. Auditory System – Hearing and Ear Canals
  8. Respiratory System – Upper Airway, Lower Airway and Lungs
  9. Cardiovascular System – Heart, Arteries and Veins
  10. Endocrine System – Hormone, Pituitary,Thyroid and Reproductive Glands
  11. Dental – Mouth, Teeth and Gums
  12. Lymphatic – Lymph Nodes

Our veterinary team starts by taking your pet’s vital signs and weight. They will ask you for details about your pet’s general health, food and water intake and other important indicators of general health. They will discuss preventive treatments your pet is on and vaccination history. Then one of our veterinarians will perform a comprehensive examination from nose to tail. Depending on findings, they may recommend baseline diagnostic testing, vaccines, parasite screening, preventive treatments or diet and exercise changes.

There are many resources available to help you care for your new pet. From diet and exercise to medical advice, there are many opinions available for information. We recommend consultation with one of our experienced veterinary staff and the use of the following trusted veterinary resources.

We’ve also put together a resources page covering various topics for pet owners and tips for dog owners in Arizona.

Why Choose Palo Verde Pet Clinic?

Palo Verde Pet Clinic believes each pet is special, each pet owner is important, and both deserve to be treated with respect and expertise. We use only state-of-the-art equipment and provide top medical advice and treatments.

We truly believe high-quality care and preventive medicine will positively impact your pet’s overall quality of life. Add a super clean, friendly environment and experienced, well-educated staff and you get a great value along with the most advanced wellness care for your pet.

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Palo Verde Pet Clinic is our first animal clinic in Yuma focused solely on pet wellness and preventive care. If you’re looking for an experienced veterinary staff and outstanding support for your beloved pet, contact us today!

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